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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Book Signing

Guess what? No pictures tonight. I took a couple, but they were not worth sharing. Today did offer an interesting event. Linda Greenlaw is a local gal who grew up on Isle au Haut a few miles off shore of the midcoast of Maine. Several years ago Sebastion Junger wrote "The Perfect Storm". That book identified her as the only female and the best swordfishing boat captain on the coast. Several publishing houses asked her to write her own story. Although she sees herself as a boat captain, she did graduate from Colby College with an English degree. She has since written several best sellers. The latest is "Seaworthy". Coincidently I had written a review of that book for the Charleston Post and Courier, and it appeared in the paper today. At the book signing I gave her a copy. Linda is on the tail end of a two month book tour and was obviously happy to be home among friends. The book signing was held in the Congregational Church in Searsport. The size of the crowd of 350 was a surprise to everyone. She got us started in typical Linda Greenlaw fashion. She observed that she had never done one of these things in a church before. Therefore, she said, "I'll have to tailor my salty fisherman's language and restrict it to phrases like HOLY shit!" She gave an entertaining talk and answered perhaps a dozen questions and then sat down to sign books. It was a well organized and enjoyable afternoon. Our daughter Cindy has always said that she categorized people by whether or not the guy was someone who she would like to have a beer with while sitting on the porch of the Landry cabin in New Harbor. Linda Greenlaw qualifies.
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