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Friday, July 9, 2010

A Sparkling Day on Penobscot Bay

I took this shot from the campground on Thursday (yesterday) afternoon. The temperature was 71, the breeze was "fresh", and the sky sported a few puffy clouds that couldn't seem to stay in one spot very long. Inland a hundred yards the temperature was 80 and ten miles inland it was in the 90's.
The Dunns arrived yesterday and they joined us and Jeri for supper. We actually had to move inside to eat because it was breezy and cool! Today Durelle and Jeri went on the Belfast Garden tour and had a fine time and a good lunch at Darby's. I stayed here with the pups, sat in the recliner and read while facing the view you see in the picture...not very energetic, but totally enjoyable.
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