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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Summer Begins

Now the summer has transitioned into a completely relaxed vacation mode. All of our summer appointments and responsibilities are behind us. After the anniversary party we returned the next day to Maine. Cindy came with us for a few days, and we enjoyed some classic Maine moments. Unfortunately, Thursday she had to go back to Charleston where the heat index was 115+. Yesterday at 0800 we were 53 degrees! Her trip back was another one of those Cindy airline nightmares. It started out with great promise. Her flight from Owl's Head to Boston on a nine passenger Cessna with Cape Air was delightful. You can see the picture of her entering the "terminal". She greatly enjoyed the views of the Maine coast as she headed south and was able to recognize several familiar spots. Unfortunately, the weather in NY/NJ delayed her flight to Newark for three hours and caused her to miss her flight to Charleston. She spent the night in Terminal C in Newark and was unsuccessful in securing a standby seat at 0905. She eventually found a route through DC and got home just in time to take a shower and go to work.
The campground is now absolutely full and the views of Penobscot Bay are postcard perfect. The other picture shows a lobster boat working in our front yard and a sailboat returning to the Northport Marina which can be seen in the background. I did not compress the picture so this blog may take a bit longer to download. I left it as is so that you could appreciate some of the detail.
Tonight we walked up to the top of the hill to "Papa J's" restaurant for supper. The Dunns joined us and the guys enjoyed the leg of lamb special. It sure is convenient after the meal is complete to just walk downhill to our rigs where we sat outside and enjoyed the view and an after dinner drink. We hope your day was half as good.
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