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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Colors in NH

   It's Saturday, if you are keeping track of weekends.  We stopped doing that in early 1997.  Today we decided to wander around our old stomping grounds in Milford, NH.  In 1989 we moved back to NH as I returned to Sanders' Associates.  By then Lockheed owned them, but that's another story.  We rented a house in Milford while we found some land on the Nashua River and arranged to have a house built.  We visited that Milford rental house today, had an ice cream at Hayward's (you are a bad influence, Eleanor), and took some pictures of the fall foliage.  The winds have been strong, and a lot of leaves are gone.  Nonetheless, we took some good pictures.
     We are operating with a rental car.  The Jeep is AWP ("awaiting parts" in maintanence lingo) at the dealership where we bought it.  It's a computer issue.  I was very frustrated today as Army lost to Rutgers in overtime at the new Meadowlands stadium.
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