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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


     'Twas a special day.  This morning Durelle left to get a perm from a long time friend while I did a bit of organizing around here.  Then we took a walk down to the shore of Lake Potanipo.  I still don't know how to pronounce it.  Passagassawaukeag was easy.  The first two pictures show the lakeshore and a view of the campground.  You can see the bus and the Jeep among the colors.
     At 5:30 we were at great granddaughter Brielle's T-Ball game.  It has been my observation that anyone who can coach a T-Ball team would have no trouble herding cats.  When two or more fielders get to the ball, possession is far more important than getting the ball to first base.  I told the coach, my grandson, that, "Next week we work on the infield fly rule, right?"  He laughed.  The third picture shows her winding up (without the ball).  In the fourth shot she is whispering in her father's ear, "Send me in, Coach."  The last shot is a young lady with a pink batting helmet.  That's our great-granddaughter!
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