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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last day in New England

     Well, this is our last night before heading south, and none too was 33.1 degrees this morning.  We decided to celebrate by dropping in to one of our all time favorite restaurants.  Some have said that this is a food blog rather than a travel blog.  Oftentimes it is hard to distinguish between the two.  The Mile Away restaurant in Milford,NH resides in a classic old New England farm.  The farmhouse, with its 28 foot, three fireplace central chimney was built in 1746...thirty years before the revolution!  The post and beam barn in which the restaurant resides was erected in 1812.  You might think that this would imply a farm-themed, kitschy sort of place.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Quiet elegance, damask and lace curtains set the stage.
     Now lets talk about the food.  I had a spectacular roast duck done to perfection with a delicate glaze served over rice which contained a hint of broccoli and cheese.  Durelle had weinerschnitzel parmigiana.  Mine was $24.95 and hers was $22.95, but (!) mine included an appetizer of veal and pork pate.  There were two meatloaf sized slices with a Dijon style mustard.  Her appetizer was baked stuffed clams, also included.  We each had substantial Caesar salads (included).  The vegetable we both chose was a Teriyaki medley.  There must have been ten to a dozen different vegetables, mostly julienned, with a touch of Teriyaki.  It was there, but very subtle.  Dessert was pumpkin cheesecake (also included).  Generous Beefeater martinis were $7.50.
     I can guarantee you that if you manage to find yourself in the area and try it, you will add it to your list of places to which you will return.
     Friday afternoon we will arrive at the Wegners in Fairfax, VA, and Sunday will see us back in SC.
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