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Monday, October 18, 2010

Visit to a log cabin

     Today we took a short (90 minute) trip to Royalston, MA to see how my sister's log cabin is coming was also nice to see Marian again.  They are building the place totally with sweat equity.  It is three years and counting.  They have 25 acres on a spot that has a hundred mile view.  With exception of you folks with experience in the Berkshires, most folks don't believe those kinds of views exist in Massachusetts. 
     The first picture was taken in the town common in Royalston.  It is a classic Congregational church, and it shows that the fall color is past peak.  The second picture is taken from Marian and Eldy's place looking WSW.  The third shows Durelle and Marian in front of the house.  The phrase 'log cabin' doesn't do it justice.  Those are 12 inch logs from Montana.  It is a rustic site.  There have been bears, fisher cats, and coyotes wandering through the site.  The last shot shows a turkey that I saw today.
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