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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

Here we are at the Twin Groves Campground about five miles off I-81 at exit 100 (PA 443).  We got away from Brookline, NH at a respectable 0845.  It was a 382 mile day...a bit on the long side for us.  It was not a pleasant relaxing day.  We left in the fog which transitioned into rain.  The foliage colors for the first few hours were excellent even though the light was not great.  Then the ride turned a bit ugly.  The road was rough.  We broke a light bulb in Durelle's craft light and the dinette drawer containing the tray of dog food unlatched.  We are not sure how much Baxter ate before Durelle figured out where he went, but he got a quarter cup for supper with his fish oil pill.  There was a nasty headwind which knocked a hole in the mileage and there were crosswinds gusting to 30 mph.  Plus, large parts of I-81 were single lane due to paving operations.  These are not complaints.  All's well with the Cloutiers.
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