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Monday, October 11, 2010

Our Last Full Day of 2010 in Maine

     Tomorrow we will depart Maine for NH.  Today, therefore, was our last full day and we made the most of it.  The weather was great.  The plan was to try Mount Battie again, but along the way we decided to drive up to the Summit at Lookout Point on the southern edge of Northport.  There had been an early wedding this morning, and it must have been special.  The first picture shows the pergola under which the vows were taken.  The second picture shows that the flowers set up for the wedding were white mums and bridal wreath.  The third picture shows the classic view of the Camden harbor from Mount Battie.  The color is a bit better than a week ago, but still not at peak.  The fourth picture shows a mega-yacht pulling into the Camden harbor.  The picture was taken from the top of Mount Battie, but you can see the relative size from some of the other moored boats and from of the size of the helicopter on the stern deck.  There is another shot of the colors at the foot of Mount Battie.  On our way back to the campground we stopped at Lincolnville Beach for lunch.  We chose McLaughlin's lobster shack.  We hadn't stopped there before, and we had a lobster roll, a haddock fish 'n chips and some onion rings with a local beer and a diet Coke.  The last picture was taken while we were eating lunch OUTSIDE.  It shows the Isleboro Ferry, the Margaret Chase Smith, pulling into the dock. 
     So, another Maine summer has come and gone.  There have been great quantities of lobster, oysters, mussels, scallops, clams, haddock and calamari.  Here's a toast to Dr. Amy Fairfax who allowed me to do that without a hint of gout.  There has been great fellowship with RVers that we have known for years and some that we just met.  Life is good!
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