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Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 plus ten

     This is not going to be an editorial or even a recollection.  The world is full of pundits who earn their livings explaining and/or describing what we all know.  It's a different world, and we all have to learn how to live in it.  In our own little, isolated and largely protected world here on the mid-coast of Maine we have all spent varying amounts of time with our memories.  What marked the day for me was a couple of new friends that joined our happy hour.  They are Riverside, CA folks, Gary and Cheryl Priest, who thankfully felt comfortable enough to come up and announce, "We are going to crash your party."  Hey, he's retired Air Force so he must be OK.  He's also quite a photographer.  See  
     It was a quiet day.  As usual on Sunday morning here, I drive down to Hannaford's to pick up the Globe and a couple of bagels.  Today I also purchased the ingredients for tomorrow's Frogmore stew.  It was cool enough this morning that I used the quartz heater to take the chill off.  The outside temperature was about 50.  Since we are post labor day, the campground has some empty spots. That enabled me to take a picture through the windshield to give you a feel for our location.  The view is toward the northeast at low tide.
     Tomorrow is Frogmore stew.  Tuesday will be lobsters and Wednesday we leave...another summer come and gone.
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