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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Campfire

     Saturday evening the Branns and the Cloutiers, with four others went up to Papa J's for supper.  Brielle and her two new friends enjoyed the meal.  After supper we all went to the Branns to sit around a campfire.  Hilda had plastic "light sticks" and sparklers for the girls and, of course, S'Mores were on the agenda.  The Branns have been long time residents of the Moorings.  Usually they come up for the weekends as they are both still working.  Dick is the postmaster of an endangered species, the small, neighborhood post office.  Hilda keeps the books for seven McDonalds in the area.  Since it was nighttime, I had to use the flash to take pictures.  That meant that all I could see through the viewfinder was black.  It really was "point and shoot".  

     Although the photography was pure guess work, the two shots of Brielle were special.  Check the eyes.

     We enjoyed the fire until it was bedtime for the girls.  The Branns have an elegant fire ring with their name on one side and a replica of their fifth wheel on the other.

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