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Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Clear, Crisp Fall Day

     After yesterday's wonderful escapades at Schoodic Point, today was quiet.  Durelle had hair (permanent) and nail appointments in anticipation of the Cloutier reunion this next weekend.  I didn't.  As a result, I went to the VFW Pig Roast in Belfast with the Dunns and the Roths.  Fred, who used to do the pig roasts in Stockton Springs, was on hand to do a great job for the VFW.  Seven bucks (eight including a drink) got you more than you really needed to eat.  The pork was fine.  Below is a picture of the Roths and the Dunns at the table..  My candid shots have not been successful lately, but this one is much better.
     Later, it quickly became clear that, although I had had a big lunch, Durelle had not had any.  No problem.  Durelle went up the hill with the Branns to Papa J's for supper and I passed.  We did have a happy hour (don't we always?) before supper.  Kirin, Dick and Hilda Brann's grand-daughter, showed up with a purple Halloween wig that resulted in the following picture of Bernie Dunn.  Retired Marines in drag are not a common occurrence.

     I have one other shot that I hope someone can help with.  It is a large colorful mushroom for which I have no identity.  If anyone can help, let me know.  There is is nothing in the picture for scale, but the plant is about a foot and a half across.
     So, what do you think...anyone recognize it?
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