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Friday, September 9, 2011

Schoodic Point

     I've got more pictures than I can use.  Today was the aftermath of Katia.  It is now probably 750 miles offshore.  But, we all expected that the winds would still be able to generate some nice swells that would make for some good pictures as they broke over the rocks at Schoodic Point.  Schoodic is east of Mount Desert Island and Bar Harbor and, as such, offers the first landfall for the storm's waves.  We were also aware that we would arrive at dead low tide.  Both factors; the storm's distance and the tide, led to lower expectations.  Guess what?  The waves were spectacular!
     As you can imagine, I took a lot of pictures following the old adage about blind pigs and acorns.  I deleted a lot of pictures that were really pretty good.  There were eight of us: the Dunns, the Roths, the Cloutiers, Jeri and Sheryl.  We brought a lunch and the dog and unfolded our chairs at the edge of the rocks.
     The weather was great.  It was much warmer on the shore than we expected.  There was some sea fog to the east, but it did not restrict our enjoyment.  There were lobster boats working out in the turbulent surf.  Dick, with his binoculars, said that they were pulling traps with lobsters in them.
     I did catch one picture where a sea gull served to add some scale to the picture.
     After we returned to the Moorings, it was almost time for happy hour.  Wouldn't you know, the sunset mandated one more picture.
     I realize that downloading this post will take more than the usual bandwidth.  I apologize, but it was a special kind of day, and I wanted to capture it all.  Trust me...there were a lot of unused shots.  This was the sort of day that we live for and makes all the travails of travel worthwhile.
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