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Friday, September 2, 2011

Windjammers in Camden, Maine (300th post)

     Today was one of those cool, early fall days in Maine with enough breeze to set sail but not enough to keep you inside.  We did a bit of shopping in anticipation of a visit tomorrow by grandson, Dave and Brielle, our six and one half year old great-grand-daughter.  The weekend is due to be warmer, so we are looking forward to an enjoyable weekend as seen through the eyes of someone three generations behind us.  While Durelle was vacuuming and generally cleaning up, I did my part by getting out of her hair.  Labor Day weekend is a traditional time for assorted windjammers to congregate in Camden.  Today was no exception, plus there was plenty of sun and a "high sky" to satisfy the many photographers.  Below are shots of three ships.  The routine is to sail into the mouth of the harbor under at least partial sail for the sake of the spectators, come about, lower the sails, and motor on in to the docks.

     I'm no sailor, but I never get tired of watching their graceful ballet.
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