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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Arrival in Brookline, NH

     After a summer in Maine we have arrived in New Hampshire for a scant two weeks.  The Field and Stream RV Park is one of our favorites.  We have been here many times.  It is not a big place but it has a lot of regulars.  It has 50 amps and sewer at every site...something we didn't have in Maine.  It is located adjacent to Lake Potanipo.  Besides, it gives us easy access to our Nashua grandkids.  
     It was a sentimental departure from Maine where we had spent nearly seven weeks.  We will be back there for six weeks next year.  The rest of the summer is still TBD.  We have put approximately 350,000 miles on motorhomes.  But, with all the friends we have visited along the way, the times on the Maine coast have been the best.  As we left at about 0930, the Dunns, the Roths and Jeri Johnson were all out to see us off.  The picture below shows the group.
     When someone leaves (or arrives) there is a receiving line with hugs for everyone.  The travel adventures and the photo-ops make for great story telling, but the friendships are the real basis for the RV lifestyle.
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