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Friday, June 1, 2012

It's HOT

     We arrived at Nellis AFB northeast of Las Vegas, at noon.  It was 108 in the shade!  Even the normal activities of connecting utilities, extending jacks and slides and unhooking the Jeep were a miserable chore.  We finally got settled, got both A/Cs going full blast and had a light lunch.  Outside handles on the west side were too hot to touch.  With all the window shades closed, by 1700 the inside temperature was down to 85.  By then I had had a cool shower and was reasonably comfortable.  Hopefully, as the sun gets lower, things will cool off further.  
     The dog park is large, shaded, with seats, water dishes, grass, and large flowering shrubs.  The campground and the whole area is very photogenic.  The mountains' outlines are crisp  and attractive...but if you want me to go out and take some pictures, you will have to wait until tomorrow.
     Some of the wedding party arrives tonight.  We are waiting to hear from them.
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