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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Another Bagaduce Lunch

     Today was our annual junket to the Bagaduce Lunch.  Longtime readers will perhaps recall that I have previously recounted our wonderful visits to one of the very best seafood shacks in Maine.  Let me interrupt with a side note.  In order to verify directions to their place, I wanted to find their address to enter into my navigation system.  So I googled "Bagaduce Diner".  It is actually called "Bagaduce Lunch".  The first two entries that  came back from Google were under "Bagaduce Lunch".  The third choice was a link to my blog of 9 Aug 2011 entitled "Bagaduce Diner".   At any rate the diner is located, with a great scattering of picnic tables, on the banks of the Bagaduce River.  The river flows out and the tide flows in.  So, depending on the state of the tide, the water is either surging to the left or the right.

     You can tell by the foreground that the tide is out.  You can tell by the surging water that the tide is coming in.  Dick and Eleanor Roth met with us for lunch.  There were a couple of slabs of fried haddock and lobster and crab rolls as well as their famous onion rings.  We haven't seen our old camping buddies for a year, so there was a lot to talk about...even after lunch was done.

    Before we left, I wandered across the street to take a picture of the diner with its name sign.  At the right you can see Durelle and the Roths with their ice cream cones.  The flavor was "Muddy Boots".  

     When we got back to the Moorings, there were some photo-ops here.  There was an unloaded bulk carrier, sitting high in the water,  anchored in the harbor off Searsport.

     Being late in the day, the cumulus clouds reflected pleasantly in the bay.

     Although he was happy to see us, Baxter was fine.  Rick was on standby to hold Baxter's hand if a thundershower popped up.  Fortunately none did.
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