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Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Shipyard plus First Campfire.

     There was a little more activity again at the shipyard.  The larger of the two big boats is inside.  The other soon will be.  The Axia was outside having her keel removed.

     Her home port, Jaluit, is one of the Marshall purposes, I imagine.

     And, a close-up to see the keel removal.

     Notice that they made a hole in the keel for two supporting slings.  The worker is using a chainsaw to cut along the yellow tape guideline.  Based on the shards, "shrapnel", thrown off, the keel has a lot of least the skin.  It presently has a finned keel.  Spectator scuttlebut and some newspaper articles say that they are going to add 30 tons to the keel.

     The cradles that will be used when the boat is parked inside for its overhaul are mounted on the ubiquitous shipping containers.  Obviously someone believes that they can handle the load.
     In the evening it seemed to be cool enough to have our first happy hour around Dick and Hilda Brann's fire ring.

     The picture shows the personalized fire ring with the outline of their fifth wheel and name.  Taking pictures in the dark and wondering what the flash will discover is really a crapshoot.  I did get a couple of useable pictures.  The best shows Liz and Jack Flood along with Dick Roth.

     The other shows Debra Donnahoo (with Fletcher) and Dick Brann.

          This morning it was 46 degrees, so I put on long trousers for the first time this season.  By the time I got back from a session of mussel harvesting, I was sweating.  I showered, shaved, and put on some shorts.  Lobsters at three.
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