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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Our last lobster feed

     Tonight was raw with temperatures in the fifties, and a SW wind gusting over twenty knots.  But, because of assorted departure dates, today was deemed to be the date for the last lobster feed of the year.  First of all we had to get Cindy on a plane back to Charleston.  Her scheduled flight from Bangor to LaGuardia was at 1700 on the 19th.  Shortly before she and I departed for Bangor she got a call from Delta that said that she had been rebooked to 0700 today!  It's an hour's drive to Bangor, so that would mean an 0500 departure considering that one must arrive an hour early these days.  Phil and Carole Andrews were going to Bangor for a doctor's appointment at 0730.  They agreed to leave an hour+ early to drop Cindy off at the airport.  All connections were made and I slept in until nine!!!  Thanks Phil and Carole.
     The lobster feed was preceded by a large supply of mussels that were harvested in Penobscot Bay by Debbie Wiggins, Phil Andrews and John Fare.

     The lobster feed had four pots...three for the lobsters and one for the corn.  The fourth pot came from Debra Donnahoo who purchased it just in time for today's festivities.

     As usual , Dick Roth handled the lobsters.

     I think we had fourteen people today.  Below are two shots from opposite ends of the long table.  How about a "Shout Out" for Jackie Fare who took all the pictures for tonight's blog?

     I believe that there is an emphatic consensus regarding what brings us all back here each year.  It ain't the lack of sewer hookups or the wimpy 30 amps; it's location and community.  It's a village.  We are not raising a child, but we are taking care of each other.
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