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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Southwest Harbor

     Southwest Harbor is at the south center of Mount Desert Island which also contains Acadia National Park.  It is home to upscale homes, elegant watercraft, and fine eateries.  One of those eateries is the Red Sky.  It probably seats only fifty and wouldn't survive without the clientele that flock to MDI, Acadia and Southwest Harbor. For example, I had a duck breast prepared to my specified degree of doneness.
     A few words about the occasion are warranted.  We have some campground neighbors (and good friends) that also have an Allegro Bus.  Debra Donnahoo and Myrt Crowe are both retired Air Force.  This year was their first year as seasonal campers at the Moorings.  They quickly became enthusiastic members of our Happy Hour circle.  This summer saw a lot of new blood at Happy Hour with the result that the old-timers said," This was the best summer ever".  Today was Debra's birthday, hence the special event.  The bad news...she was the designated driver.  On the way to the restaurant we stopped for a quick photo-op at the Bass Harbor Light.

     For those of you who remember this as a food blog, I took my camera inside and forgot to take pictures of the nicely presented food.  Perhaps a view of some of the boats in Southwest Harbor will serve instead

     You will observe that at least one of those yachts in the picture probably cost more than your typical RV.  When (and if) those folks go into town, they are not looking for a Pizza Hut!  Our warmest thanks to Debra for playing chauffeur...and Happy Birthday. 
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