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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Scenic Tour

     Today we drove the circuit around some of the better photo-ops to the south of Belfast.  We have done it before, but the occasion today was prompted by the fact that the Fare's are not towing a "dinghy".  So, we took them on the tour.  We started by going through Bayside.  Then we went up Mount Battie, and followed with a visit to the Waterfront Restaurant in Camden. Here's a shot of the Camden harbor from the top of Mount Battie.

 In Camden we were seated by the rail where we ate while we listened to the big yacht next to us rubbing gently against her fenders.

     I had the mussels thinking that it would be an appetizer for my sandwich.  Guess what?  I brought the sandwich (and five-bean salad) home for supper.  From there we drove by the Curtis Light.

      After the Camden area, we made a stop at "The Childrens" Chapel.  Durelle took a couple of shots in their gardens.

From there we headed further south past the belted Galloway cattle to the old dirt road that leads toward the Rockport harbor.  

     While there, I sneaked in a shot of John and Jackie Fare.

     Then we drove down to the statue of "Andre" the seal.  Without going into the whole story, "Andre" was an active member of the Rockport summer activities.  From there we headed home and our usual large Happy Hour.

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