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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More Shipyard

     The saga of the big boat continues.  Today they lifted that critter out of the water and began to pressure wash the hull.  For a landlubber it is an impressive operation.  

     That lifter is rated at 440 metric tons.  That's within one percent of a million pounds.  The pressure washing was done immediately so that nothing had a chance to harden.

     For scale, those tires are about eight feet tall.  The keel has been dinged, and I understand that a lot of electronics were ruined when the lightning struck.  It is not going to be a cheap repair, but Belfast won the job over several competing east coast shipyards.
     One of the interesting features of this boat is the storable, hydrodynamic bow thruster.

     Notice that it is shown in the deployed position.  Notice also that, when retracted, everything is properly streamlined.  I have no idea if they plan to maneuver this fellow inside for an overhaul.  I can't see how they are going to do it.  The hangar doors open horizontally as shown below.

     If they find a way, I hope to be able to show you.  Meanwhile, back at the campground, Durelle asked me to take a picture of the hydrangea down on the front row so I gave it a shot.

     The conventionally sized hydrangea is in blue.  I have no idea what those lavender puppies are.
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