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Friday, September 26, 2014

Stockton Springs

     Although the temperature dipped into the high thirties yesterday morning, today it has rebounded to 72!...with absolutely no wind.  It is a stunning afternoon, but very still.  There's nary a sail on the bay.
     Yesterday we helped Baxter into the back seat of the Jeep and took a drive through Stockton Springs and down to the Fort Point Lighthouse.  It is located on a point of land that is in the transitional area where the Penobscot river mutates into Penobscot Bay.  It is one of the more accessible lighthouses, and one of the least least for my skill level.

     Looking straight north across the water one can see Sandy Point Beach State Park.  At the edge of it, on the point, is French Point.  It is a retreat/resort that is a frequent site of expensive weddings and other similar soirees.

     Later I was looking out over the water at the wonderful "viewage" when a large gull sailed into view.  He rolled up on a wingtip and made a pylon turn over a lobster buoy just like in the air races at Reno.  This time, unlike most cases of trying to catch a bird on the wing, I got him!

     Today I took advantage of the weather to replenish the water in the batteries and reorganize and vacuum the underneath storage trays.  I guess that's a sign that we'll soon be heading south.
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