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Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Bouchers Arrive

     Another weekend in a somewhat rainy paradise.  This week was dominated by a four hour drive to Lynn, MA for the funeral of Durelle's cousin George Gardner.  When we got back, Tim and Wendy were here with all their wood fired paraphernalia and grilling skills.  They treated the Friday evening Happy Hour crowd to wood-fired pizza and decided to host a potluck supper for the following night.  During the event we were treated to a pair of loons diving for fish just off the edge of the campground.  It took a long telephoto, so the pictures are not classic, but they do confirm that it was a loon.

     We arranged a number of picnic tables and brought a few side dishes.  John and Theresa brought a huge, outstanding lasagna, and there were ribs, jalapeno poppers and assorted goodies from the grills.  Of course there were several flavors of jello shots (Thanks Theresa) that were used sparingly.  Given the minimum lead time and planning it was an excellent potluck...the sort of thing best pulled off by a bunch of RVers.

     How's that look for a "paper plate meal"?  This is not "beans and hotdogs" camping.  Sunday looks like steady rain, and we are looking for a day to squeeze in a Frogmore Stew before the major league grilling for the fourth of July.
     Does it get any better than this?
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