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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Busy times

     There has been a hodge-podge of activity that bears reporting.  While the Roths returned their kids and grandkids to Logan Airport, we and the Dunn's went to lunch at the combination restaurant/European deli that is Morse's.

     Before and after a generous lunch with doggie bags, we succumbed to the pleasures of the deli and charcuterie. I didn't need a shopping cart to carry out a hundred bucks worth of goodies.

     On the way back to the Moorings, Durelle asked to stop at one of her favorite craft shops.  It was hard to miss the quilt flying out front.

     While the others went inside to shop (Durelle found a cross stitch for two bucks.), I sat outside in one of their rocker Adirondack chairs ($58.95).  Sitting there, I noticed something unusual about the shade tree right in front of me.

     At some time at least twenty years ago the tree had suffered a vertical split of its trunk.  It was cinched back together in a couple of places with a length of old logging chain.  You can see that the tree has nearly grown over the chain.  You'll also notice that the tree is equally upright and equally green on both sides of the healed split.  Yankee thrift or Yankee 
     Since it was Friday, we arrived home to enjoy the campground happy hour.  It seems to become a bigger deal week after week.

     As the sun went down and the party broke up we were treated to the sight of a two-master in the late sunlight.

     It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it!
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