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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pizza in Blue Hill

     This evening eight of us wandered over to Blue Hill, ME to try out the Barncastle Inn and Restaurant.  We were not disappointed.  Thanks are appropriate to Bernie and Debra who were the two drivers.  Before I start to relate the latest adventure, I must show an earlier picture that Durelle exclaimed was a photo-op.  Turns out it was a mushroom cloud over Swan Lake or thereabouts.

     While I was there I took a picture of a pair of rescue greyhounds (and their owners).

     I don't have a story to go with either picture...just nice pictures.

     Blue Hill is a quaint old Maine village just one peninsula to the east of us.  The Barncastle is an elegant inn and a not so elegant restaurant.  We had good meals and enjoyed ourselves...but the kitchen is too small and the service is slow.  We had a good waitress, but...  Below is a picture of half of the table.  Eleanor Roth was the first to notice me skulking around with a camera  and looked up in time for a very fine picture.

     The pizza menu from their wood-fired oven was good.  Their only seafood had shells.  The pitchers were $7.50.  Bernie and Durelle had ribs.

     The major disappointment was that there were no mussels; which caused some ordering realignments as we got everything straightened out.  It was a good meal, and no one was unhappy.
    On the way home we stopped at the riverwalk park in Bucksport to take a few more pictures.

     The statue is called "Before the Wind"  These granite statues are done up in Orono at the University of Maine Art Department and donated to Maine communities.  A few years ago I did a blog about the program.
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