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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wiscasset and other Topics

     It has been a couple of busy days.  Yesterday Jurgen Gobien and his bride, Susan, dropped by for a visit.  They had been having a family vacation on Mount Desert Island and were heading back to VA.  He and I go back a long way together to some important battles in the Air Force R & D world.  We took the Cloutier tour to a number of local photo-ops.  On a back (dirt) road between Camden and Rockport we made a stop at "the children's chapel.

     I also took a picture of the Gobiens.

     Along the way we found the little path to the overlook for the Curtis Island Lighthouse.

     We also had some up close views of the elegant watercraft in the Rockport Harbor.

     We ended up with a fine supper in Camden.  Today we went down to Wiscasset to a neat restaurant called Le Garage.  We met with Durelle's friend, Estelle, and her two daughters.
     Wiscasset, of course, is home to "Red's Eats".  The primary product is a lobster roll.  It's not even the best lobster roll around, but their status as an icon guarantees  a steady stream of tourists even in the rain at 2:30.

     How would you like to own a take-out diner where there are people standing in line in the rain halfway between the usual mealtimes?

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