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Thursday, August 20, 2015


     There it is!  Homarus Americanus.  Today was probably Dick Roth's best lobster feed since we started coming here a decade ago.  It was also probably the biggest.  He bought 22 lobsters weighing a total of 40 pounds.  They were actually soft shells that were almost hard shells.  Most diners of the male persuasion were able to crack the claws without tools, but the women weren't.  They were the best of both worlds.  If you did your math a couple of sentences ago, you have figured that they averaged nearly two pounds apiece.  The local corn was outstanding, also.
     Because of the size of this affair, things started early.  First, we had to set up six tables.

     Then we had to get four propane burners fired up.  Because of the breeze, we sheltered them behind vehicles.

      As has usually happened as I focused on the lobsters, I cut the head off Dick Roth.

     Soon all two dozen lobsters were in one of the four pots.

     Seventeen or eighteen minutes later, we had 24 lobsters looking for a plate.

     As you can see, we had a fairly large crew of lobster eaters.

     It was a roaring success.  As an aside Paul Poythress had a lobster with a deformed doubt due to some prior fisticuffs.  He thought it looked like a dolphin while I thought it looked like a Rottweiler.  You make the call.

     Whatever the call, it was an absolutely wonderful day on the edge of Penobscot bay.  It took a lot of people to make it happen, and it was a perfect example of the community we have.
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