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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Campfire at the Brann's

     Today was a perfect, high visibility day with a high of 74 degrees.  After the happy hour, about a dozen and a half of us migrated to the Brann's acreage for a campfire and 'Smores.

     They have a nice fire ring, and if you look closely you can see the "Brann" name.  Sitting around a campfire is a mixed blessing for your resident photographer.  It allows for some completely candid pictures, because no one can see what you are up to.  The lighting, on the other hand...even with a flash, is unpredictable.  Below are a few shots of some of the "usual suspects".

     Unposed as they are, it is a great group of friends.

     Yesterday I posted a picture of a 144 foot yacht hanging in the straps of the big transporter at the Front Street Shipyard.  I said it was the Four Winds.  One of my favorite regular readers, the Blog Stalker, zoomed in to determine that it was actually the Four Wishes.  With a little internet research she came up with the following link which I am sure you will enjoy: Four Wishes.  Thanks, Jackie.
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