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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pemaquid Point

     Today the two of us headed down to New Harbor and Pemaquid Point to have a visit with Durelle's cousin Harry and his wife, Diane.  Baxter stayed behind under the careful eye of Bernie Dunn.  It's about an hour and a half from Belfast to New Harbor, down route 1, route 90 and route 32.  Route 32 from Chamberlain to New Harbor gets my vote as the prettiest drive in Maine.  The first picture was taken in Chamberlain showing a couple of sailboats at rest in Long Cove.
     From there we visited "the Landry Cottage" where we have had so many wonderful days with Ruth and Gene Gardner, Durelle's aunt and uncle.  We had lunch and a good visit with their son, Harry, his wife, Diane, and her parents on the deck overlooking the Rachael Carson Salt Pond. Harry and I went down to Shaw's fisherman's coop to pick up some lobster rolls.  The next picture shows my lobster roll.  It is one of the very simplest versions around.  As far as I can tell, the only ingredient in that toasted roll  is lobster meat.  If there is any mayonnaise, it is inconsequential.
     I took a few pictures of the harbor while waiting a few minutes for the lobster to be ready.  You can see that this harbor contains only "working" boats.  There are no pleasure craft here.

     We have been coming here on a regular basis since 1978.  It is a special place for us.  In the picture above the large white building is the "Gosnold Arms", an inn and restaurant of some renown.
     Many years ago I took a picture from their deck down toward the ocean.  Then I asked my cousin to paint the picture from my photo.  I then took her painting and framed it using lumber salvaged from the ancient outhouse that was still on the property.  That painting, shown below, still holds a place of honor in that hundred year old cabin.
     After lunch we made our mandatory trek to Pemaquid point.  It is a very photogenic place, but I will only include a couple of shots.  Believe me, I have many more.

     From there we headed back to Belfast where we were acknowledged as tardy for happy hour.  The sky was blue and the temperature was 75.  Does it get any better?
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