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Saturday, October 6, 2012

2012 Statistics

     There are many folks, I assume, that are sure that the RV lifestyle is reserved for the "rich and famous".  Allow me a few moments to contest that opinion.  First of all, let me assure you that, among our MANY camping friends, none are either rich or, generally speaking, famous.  The numbers I will show for our summer are on the higher end of the range for the typical RVer.  We have a forty foot diesel pusher with most of the bells and whistles.  Our activities are not generally inhibited by budget constraints.  We stay in nice campgrounds not Walmart parking lots.  With that perspective consider the following:

Diesel fuel      808.219 gallons for $2955.80 or an average of $3.657 per gal.

Camping fees     $5030.33

Eating out      $2360.76

Groceries      $2481.93  (note that we normally eat in...many don't)

Totals     134 days, 5325 miles,  $16837.89,  $125.66 per day

     I think you will find that most vacations cost more than $125.66 per day.  As a matter of fact, you can see that by changing the life-style from continual vacation to regular day to day living, and by eliminating the cost of supporting another house, full-timing is indeed affordable.  Nonetheless, there are no plans to do so.  That 45 minute soak in a large bathtub yesterday was wonderful.
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