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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Back to Normal

     Many years ago, back in the early 60's in Alaska, there was a much beloved gentleman who worked "for" me.  It was Chief Master Sargent LaVerne (Buck) Braun.  There are several memorable quotations that I attribute to him.  One was, "Only GI's and millionaires can live like this."  That one came as we floated down the Yukon River in a John boat, fishing for rainbows.  Another was, "My idea of a great diet is, for supper, a rare steak, a salad, and a martini (or two)".  It has always been a good choice, although the the other meals sometimes get in the way.  Below is a picture of the first steak on the Treager since we have been back.
     Our normal procedure is to get a single steak, usually a rib eye, that weighs about a pound or so.  That is enough for the two of us.  The Treager is not a super hot grill.  It is more attuned to slow smoking, but it can get hot enough to sear a good steak.  So, with no potato and just a salad, we had a very nice supper.  The martinis were a part of the picture.  Thanks, Buck.
     Although we walked around the block tonight, our lifestyle is becoming much less adventuresome.
     Baxter appears glad to be home.
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