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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Angel Bus Mission

Today has been occupied by running a mission for Angel Bus  This is a wonderful outfit that takes advantage of the resources and generosity of motor home owners to transport patients to/from medical appointments.  Often times the patient needs the services of specialists not available locally, and the patient's health and public transportation do not permit normal travel.  A motor home with its bed, refrigerator for medications, AC for medical accessories, and room for additional care givers can provide an ideal solution.  I was scheduled for a mission back in April, but the mission was cancelled when the patient was hospitalized.   I mention this organization because I know that there are some motor-homers who read this blog that might not know about the organization.  Use the link, above, for more information.
   The passenger lives in the uniquely named town of Ninety Six, SC which is located about 190 miles NW of Charleston.  He had a noon appointment Monday at the Hollings Cancer Center in Charleston.  A motorhome was not needed so I used the 1986 Corvette, which he greatly enjoyed.  Since I needed to pick him up at 0800, I drove to nearby Greenwood to spend Sunday night.  I delivered him on schedule, but his clinical trial procedure did not allow him to be released before 1730.  At that time the traffic out of the city is more STOP than GO, but Cindy suggested a quick, early supper to allow the traffic to clear out.  It was an outstanding idea!  The Hominy Grill is close to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) as the Dunns remember.  You know favorite entree is the one I have never had.  I had the goat stew with "hoppin' John" with field peas and rice plus the most perfect wedge of cornbread you can imagine.  He had a turkey club, but we were out of there in 45 minutes and onto an almost empty I-26 at about 1820.
    Below is a shot of Frank Dukes in front of the Hominy Grille.
     We got back to his house at 2120, which was probably the same arrival time as if we had waited on I-26 instead of the restaurant.  About an hour later I was back on I-26 at a Holiday Inn express, so I decided to spend the night and return on Tuesday.  Alas, there was no room at the inn.  It was 25 miles to Columbia for another shot, plus I would need gas there.  I had driven over 600 miles in the last 24 hours.  As it turns out, I was feeling fine, so I got gas and was home at 0034 on Tuesday.  By that time I had a bit of "dry eye", a growing "flat spot" and the whole wheat pretzels had lost their charm.
     Nonetheless, it was a fine day.  Mr. Dukes is an avid historian.  His articulateness is inhibited only by his impaired vocal chords, not his intellect.  We never turned on the radio, but enjoyed good conversation that made the miles fly by.  By the way, the second half of the trip I used the Jeep because on the first trip the wipers on the 'Vette failed and there were thundershowers predicted (which did not occur).
     So, for all you motor-homers out there check out the link above.  It is the perfect example of a win-win arrangement.
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