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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Home Tomorrow

     In August of 1960, as a brand new "brown bar", I reported to Keesler AFB to attend a year long radar maintenance course.  Allen and Joyce Wegner were neighbors who played a big role in acclimating us to the Air Force.  Al was a First Lieutenant, an exalted rank to me, who had spent 6-8 years in the Navy before becoming an USAF Officer.  Lee and Dodi were also "old hands" in that Lee had several years of enlisted time before going through OCS.  We all became good friends and have remained so through the decades.  Durelle and Dodi were in the Keesler AFB hospital having Cindy and Kathy only a few days apart.  We have had other rendezvous' over the years, but today was special.  We had lunch with the Myers in their beautiful home in Haymarket, VA.
     Later we headed east about 25 miles to visit the Wegners in Fairfax.  Somehow we have managed to connect with them almost annually, in a variety of locales, for decades.  As we have many times before, we parked in front of their house.  Today was a bit different because of the recalcitrant step.  We had a wonderful supper and watched the presidential debate.  As fellow Republicans, we enjoyed the Romney performance.  We left this morning just before ten after a nice breakfast of quiche, fruit and muffins.
     The facial foliage is a new touch, and we think it looks great.
We then drove about 340 miles to Lumberton, NC where we stopped for the night.  It is less than 200 miles to Hanahan; and, were we younger, we would have sucked it up and headed home.  Cooler heads prevailed. We stopped and will have a four hour day tomorrow.
     As we were enjoying our last evening on the road for 2012, Durelle exclaimed,"Look at the sky!"  So I grabbed the camera and tried to capture some unexpected sunset pictures.

     Tomorrow we will arrive home after five months and five thousand miles.  It has been a fine summer, but we are looking forward to getting home with bathtubs, newspaper delivery, a backyard for Baxter and the company of our daughter Cindy.
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