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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Charleston, SC

     Well, we are not wandering around to wonderful photogenic spots.  As a matter of fact, this is the time of the year when everything slows down for us.  I would like to take note of the recent announcement by Conde Nast Traveller that has proclaimed that the number one travel destination city in the WORLD is Charleston, SC ahead of Florence, Italy, Capetown, South Africa and Sydney , Australia.  You can see the article by clicking on the link below.
     With that in mind, I hope that you can consider stopping in for a visit.  We'd love to show you around.
     Tonight I took a couple of sunset pictures in the back yard.
     We are not travelling now.  The bus is in the shop for a number of odds and ends.  Detroit (not New York) is in the World Series and all's right with the world.
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