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Monday, October 1, 2012

We Are Heading South

     Well, after a long summer, we are southbound.  There were a couple of foliage shots in the campground that Durelle liked, so I tried my best to capture them.  I tried to tell her that I had all the foliage shots I needed, but I do what I am told.  Actually they are not bad.
          This morning as we were packing up to leave, Mark arrived.  We had a good visit, and he was available to assist the front, driver's side slide as I retracted it.  As I mentioned earlier,  it will stay in place until we can get back to Protech in Charleston to get it fixed.  We have been on the road since May and this bus has been "rode hard and put away wet".  
     We have stopped at a KOA in Cuddebackville, NY.  It is listed as Deer Park KOA because, I think, the signage would not permit Cuddebackville KOA.  Today we discovered that the steps would not retract.  We called Red Bay and followed their suggestions.  No Joy.  The good news is that an extended step is only a problem if you don't know about it.  It will present a problem as we sidle up to the curb in Fairfax.  Fortunately there are no more toll booths to navigate.  We also lost a lens over the door light as we hit a pavement break in NY.
     We have several good friends to visit in VA and we will be home on Friday with or without a step. 

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