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Thursday, October 25, 2012


     Pardon the pompous title, but Hibiscus.mutabilis is also known as the "Confederate Rose".  I mentioned it last year about this time.  A couple of years ago a neighbor gave us a shoot to plant.  Like any self-respecting weed, it is now ten feet high.  It is probably too close to the house, but it should be easy to cut down and re-establish elsewhere.  In the fall it generates a lot of blossoms that emanate from a boll much like a cotton boll.  The blossoms don't last long, but more are generated every day.  The neat thing is that it waits for us to get back from our summer sojourn to start producing blossoms.  The first picture shows the entire (unkempt) plant, and the second is a close up of one blossom.

          We are getting squared away with assorted chores.  Durelle and Cindy have played golf.  They both broke 100, but Durelle won...again.
     Today I had a couple of chores...a stop at the hearing aid place, another at the Corvette dealer (wipers failed) and some PT for peripheral neuropathy.  I took the camera because Charleston is a photogenic city, but I accomplished nothing in the photography world.  I will keep at it.
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