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Monday, July 15, 2013

Eldy and Marian Taylor

     Back to back golden wedding anniversary parties!  Yesterday's was my sister, Marian's, and husband Eldy"s.  I fell down on my photographer job and only took a few pictures...and none of the couple being honored.  We arrived late and left early.  Both of those events are atypical.  The lateness I can blame on the Massachusetts DOT.  Southbound I 95 and I 495 on a summer Sunday afternoon are notorious for the heavy traffic they carry.  So, in their infinite wisdom, the DOT picked that particular time to repave two lanes of a bridge on I-495 south, reducing it to one lane.  We averaged 5 MPH for twenty miles.  We made some use of the breakdown lane, but overheated radiators hindered that escape.  I'm glad we were in the Jeep.  The early departure was our choice as we had a 245 mile drive home and Baxter was in the bus.  Thanks, Rick.

     Their sons, Scott and Danny, with help from many, hosted the affair at Danny and Nancy's home.  This is Danny the smoke eater, manning multiple grills.  The other guy who almost got cut out of the picture is Eldy Taylor.
     Although I generally failed as a photographer, I did get one totally candid picture you may like.  It is Scott and Linda's daughter, Jennifer.

     There are still some good genes left in the family tree after all.
     The trip home was much smoother than the one south, and Baxter was happy to see us, I guess.
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