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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Winslow Point

     Last Monday, while the bus was being attended to in Auburn, we wandered over to South Freeport to pay a visit to Larry and Judy Starratt who used to camp with us in Belfast.  We had a fine seafood lunch and wandered around the county park where they are spending the summer.  Since I forgot my camera, I was forced to learn how to use my cell phone as a camera.  What you are about to see are my first attempts.  Not only was taking the pictures a different experience, emailing them to myself was non-trivial.  They didn't show up until the next day!

     As you can see, it is a pleasant spot.  On the way we passed through Lisbon, ME.  This weekend they are holding their "Moxie Festival".  Moxie is a soft drink, unique to Maine with licorice taste that is not universally acclaimed.

   Arnie Brewer is a great fan of the brew.  We had a good visit and a great seafood lunch, then I had a another chance to try my phone/camera on a pine that was struck by lightning a couple of nights ago.

     After our adventures in South Freeport, we returned to Auburn to pick up the bus.  It is wonderful to have a working ice maker again.
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