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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fourth of July

     Normally, on the fourth, Jim Baker has a lobster feed.  This year was different.  There were three championship barbecue teams here that were willing to demonstrate their proficiency.  With three couples with experience on the competitive barbecue circuit, there were only two orders for lobster.  Jim deep fried a turkey.  Tim and Wendy Boucher did six (!)  racks of ribs and some sausage.  Tim and Michele Perelka (I told you last names would come later) did some melt -in-your mouth brisket.  John and Teresa Carlberg did a couple of excellent pork butts.  This is the "vegetables are condiments" crowd we are dealing with, folks.  The rest of us peons brought such things as potato salad, beans, chili, artichoke heart dip, rice pilaf, stuffed tomatoes, prosciutto-wrapped melon, stuffed cherry tomatoes, etc.  As you can imagine, no one went hungry.  As a matter of fact our freezer must have 10 pounds of frozen "Q".  Below are some pictures of the feed:

     These are Tim's ribs.

 This is Tom's brisket.

     This is John's 'Boston' butt.

     I'm not sure that the bulk of the attendees (essentially the entire campground) really appreciated the fact that this meat was many echelons above the normal barbecue fare.  It was.  Today is the fourth of July.  May I suggest that you all go back and read a couple of the founding documents of our country...the Declaration of Independence, for sure, and the Constitution with the Bill of Rights.  Take your's important.  Much is at stake.
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