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Monday, July 1, 2013

More grill magic

     Eclectic is the word.  Durelle and I (and Dick Brann) were treated this evening to more of the efforts of truly outstanding and prizewinning cooks.  When was the last time YOU  had pork bellies and two varieties of cheesecake at the same setting?  The first picture below shows Tim's pork bellies on the big green egg.

     There were four, but he served one and I, with a bit of help, knocked quite a hole in the first one.  So, he agreed to serve a couple more.

     To add a bit of variety, John showed up with a platter of swordfish.

     And, as if that weren't enough, he added a platter of the nicest chicken wings you can imagine.

     There were also some of Michelle's stuffed mushrooms that disappeared before I could take a picture.  And we are not done yet.  Wendy brought out individual strawberry swirl cheesecakes while Michelle provided similar servings of a chocolate, peanut butter cheesecake.  And, just to demonstrate that these dedicated grillers and smokers can find a place for pork on anything, there was a bit of bacon crumbled on top.

     The pigs are icons that they carry with them and are included in pictures wherever they go.  At least one of my readers will relate...say, "Hello" Grover.
      I felt a bit guilty showing up empty handed, but does the old phrase, "...bringing coal to Newcastle" ring a bell?  I take solace in the fact that they love what they are doing, and they love to share it.  As a satiated beneficiary, who am I to complain?
     A week ago in this blog I indicated that Durelle had had a biopsy on her ear, so it is incumbent on me to report the results.  You will be happy to know that she was called today and informed that there was no melanoma or even a carcinoma.  The problem with her ear is a fairly common affliction of us old farts who always sleep on the same side.  There is little in the way of cushioning tissue or healing blood vessels between the ear cartilage and the outside world.  So, lesions are not uncommon.  It's called CNH, an acronym for an exceedingly long series of words that jointly mean "sore ear".  There is a touch of irony here.  She has a husband and a son who did some intercollegiate wrestling, and she's the one to end up with with the "cauliflower ear"!  The treatment is a specialized pillow with a hole in it.
     We are looking forward to the fourth when I hear that the barbecuers plan to outdo themselves.  If you ain't jealous yet, you will be.
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