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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Maine weather

     This is why we come here.  The breeze off Penobscot Bay is downright COOL.  Of course, if you walk a hundred yards up the hill to the office, it becomes just another warm summer day.  The tide was out, so Durelle suggested a walk to the beach.  Baxter hasn't had a chance to really get off the leash in quite a while, so down we went.  Sand beaches this far north are few and far between.  Rocks, we got.  Gravel, we got; and everywhere, seaweed we got.  It is under the rockweed that I find my trove of mussels.  Baxter enjoyed the beach.

     He also acted as if he were hunting for mussels.

 Occasionally, he would grab a strand of rockweed and shake it as if it were something he had to kill.

     The next shot exemplifies what Maine is about for us in the summer.  It is titled."The Best View in the World".

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