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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Pecks are here.

     The remainder of the fourth of July weekend was busy with more creations from the "vegetables are condiments" crew.  Monday morning the party was over.  We also left the campground and headed down to Whited Truck and RV in Auburn, ME to get a number of odds and ends fixed.  The main concern was an airbag/ride height adjuster repair.  They also tweaked our leveling jacks, adjusted hinges on the storage compartment doors, replaced the water metering valve for the ice cube maker, and even fixed a loose toilet seat.  A loose toilet seat, you say?  Well, there are captive nuts on the back side of those seat hinges. But, if the nut is gone or the threads are stripped, one must get access to the rear of the assembly to replace and/or tighten the nut.  That requires removing the toilet.  It ain't rocket science, but this old fart would rather have someone else do it.
     Since the repairs occupied the better part of the day, we went over to South Freeport to visit Larry and Judy Starratt.  We had a very nice seafood lunch and visited their campground at Winslow Park.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so I took my first pictures with my Android phone.  Next, I'll have to figure out how to extract them and put them to use.  At one time I was on the leading edge of technology, and now I can't even see it from here.  Oh, well.
     We got back to the Moorings on Monday night.  Since the campground is starting to fill up, it was a bit of a chore getting backed into site 25.  Dick Brann was a great help in getting backed in and set up.
     Today was a new start.  Breakfast was bacon 'n eggs with hash browns and onions.  There was some major housecleaning , mostly by Durelle, as we got the rig settled in for the summer.
     This afternoon the Happy Hour was just three couples:  the Pecks, the Cloutiers and the Fylers.  A couple of the pictures are shown below.

     There are still a couple of  glitches to fix, but now it is bedtime.
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