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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Our First Lobster Feed of 2015

     Summer is here...well, it will be tomorrow.  We define the first day of summer as the day we steam up the first batch of lobsters.  At this time of year the lobsters are getting ready to molt.  The old shells are left behind and the new, soft shell permits the next growth cycle.  The old, hard shell lobsters have more meat per pound of lobster, but they are more difficult to eat.  The soft shells with the new shells have a lot of room to grow, and they are much easier to break down.  The debate continues as to which tastes better.  I tell folks that it is like sex or homemade bread; it's all good, only some is better than others.  
     Dick Roth and I went down to pick up the lobsters.  Good corn on the cob is not ready yet.  We used his auto and cooler.

     Here's a picture of the happy group enjoying lobster.

     Before the blossoms faded, I took a picture of the beach plum roses.

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