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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

We're First...(almost)

     We have arrived in Maine!  It was a comfortable 225 miles from Brookline, NH with a fuel stop and a lunch stop.  We are not the first ones in the campground, but there are only a     couple of other folks here.  We'll meet them tomorrow.

     This is the view through the windshield before the campground begins to fill up.  As you can tell, June 3rd is very much pre-season in Maine.  I could have cropped the picture to get rid of the mirror, but I wanted to show that it was a windshield shot.  We were greeted by Ron Lesage, a work camper we have met here before.  He was very helpful in getting us properly parked and set up for a four month stay.  We parked on "landing strips" to keep the tire rubber from leaching into the ground.  We installed tire covers to protect them from ultraviolet damage.  We don't go to the trouble for short stays.

     Here's another shot of Penobscot Bay through the windshield.  Even when other campers arrive, we will still be able to see the water.
     We are very content.  Durelle and Baxter took a walk to the top of the hill together.  A lot of the "non short stay" amenities have been set up.  Tomorrow we'll do the hummingbird feeder.  We are PARKED, and will be for four months.  Life is good.
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