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Tuesday, June 9, 2015


     Those of you with unimpaired short term memories will recall that at the end of my previous post just two days ago I paraphrased Durelle as saying that there was no need to go sightseeing.  This morning, out of the fog, a charter windjammer sailed into the Belfast harbor, "came about" and departed.  Here's the sequence:

     To prove Durelle's point, the pictures were taken through the small window in front of her recliner.  That's just to the right of the hummingbird feeder which saw its first visitor this morning.  Life is good.  Eat your heart out, Ann.


Jackie Fare said...

There is no need to make the rest of us feel bad that we will not be at your location until later in the season, WAY later for some. Those of us less fortunate souls will have to suffice with odd natural occurrences such as a lone Coyote running through our backyard, or a baby hawk entangled in electric wires rescued by the local utility company. It hardly compares, so, please, keep your bragging between the two of you :):):).

Ann said...

While waiting for my turn at the spectacular view, yesterday, I enjoyed watching a mother and baby deer running on the marsh.