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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Foggy Day

     After a string of sunny, or at least partly cloudy days, today began with a fog bank that prevented us from even seeing the water. If the humidity is near 100%, cooling that air mass by either nighttime cooling or by ocean temperatures or both will bring fog. By mid-afternoon the sun had "burned off" the fog over the land, but it is still persisting over the water. While that circumstance swamps out almost all photo-ops, an industrious spider provided one.

     Sometime; we had not noticed the web before; a spider strung a line from the corner of our window canopy to the driver's side mirror. From that line he dropped a couple more lines and strung a web in between. The heavy fog and humidity caused hundreds of tiny droplets to form on the web. The breeze did a bit of damage to the heavily laden web, but it still made an interesting display out the driver's side window.
     OK, OK...not every blog can be a journalistic gem or photographer's masterpiece.
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