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Monday, July 3, 2017

Day Before the Fourth

     I took a lot of pictures of the food preparation for the fourth, but they will be a piece of the blog for the fourth. Tonight was a seaside happy hour with some fine sunset pictures.

     That's Bonnie Nester, the campground owner, on the right. Durelle's on the left.

     Note the back porch on the back of the big, three-axle fifth wheel.

      Tim Boucher and Liz Flood.

     More hors d'oeuvres. 

     As the sun was going down there were a lot of nice shots of the sunset.

      And here comes a paddleboarder.

Cormorants on the monument.


     Sunset. It was a busy day for the barbecuers. They are preparing to feed over a hundred people tomorrow. The whole hog weighs 120 pounds...there are five briskets weighing just south of a hundred pounds...there will be sixteen racks of ribs, twenty pounds of sausage, and ninety pieces of chicken. All the other participants will be bringing a side dish.
     For some altruistic motivations I don't completely understand, the barbecuers have decided not to charge anyone. Since I am one of the happy beneficiaries, I shall not complain.
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