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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Bagaduce Diner

     Most readers will remember that every summer, at least once, a group of us will head over to Sedgewick, ME, near Blue Hill, to a fine roadside diner on the banks of the Bagaduce River. It's called, of course, the Bagaduce Diner. It's 100% take-out, but all the tables are arranged in the shade on the riverbank. The outgoing river does battle with the incoming tide. Every six hours they alternate winners, so there are ever changing rapids under the bridge.
     Among the diner's specialties are a fried haddock sandwich and onion rings.

     That's a full sized cafeteria tray and a soda straw to give you the proper sense of scale. We found a table by the river that comfortably seated ten.

     There's no shortage of photo-ops in the Blue Hill area. This is one of many.

     Before we left the center of town, I took a shot through an opening in a piece of granite sculpture.

     Now it's time to adjourn to Happy Hour.
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