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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hummingbirds, Moonlight and Camaraderie

     The previous two posts had a theme...the fourth of July. This one is a hodge-podge of pictures with no common element except that the pictures were all taken here in the Moorings campground. Yesterday I decided to try to get some pictures of the hummingbirds at our feeder. Obviously a hand held camera taking pictures of a hummingbird in the shade of a window canopy does not have much chance of success. I have a mini-tripod for the camera. I set it up for a fixed focus and the burst mode of rapid-fire pictures. It was on Durelle's table about a meter from the feeder. Durelle snapped a number of pictures; a couple of which are shown below. I really needed more light to get a quicker aperture. The pictures are interesting, but I haven't heard from National Geographic yet.

     Our evening Happy Hours grow dramatically in both attendance and snacks when the Bouchers and the Peraltas are here. There were some severe storms in the area on Saturday, but they passed to the south leaving some fine weather for our socializing. Here we are nestled between our rig and the Roths'.

     And, the same group from the other direction...

     The date also marked the third wedding anniversary for Joe and Rich who are relatively new additions to the group. In lieu of a cake, Hilda brought a huge whoopie pie.

          As it began to get dark, we adjourned to the Bouchers' site down by the water for a campfire. It turns out that the drum from a typical clothes dryer makes a wonderful fire pit.

     We were soon treated to a lovely sunset. The sun was completely gone, but it was still illuminating the high altitude, wispy cirrus clouds left behind by the storms.


      Later in the evening a nearly full moon poked up out of the fog bank that had covered Ilseboro.

         Thus endeth another wonderful day on the mid-coast of Maine.
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